Where Beauty and Strength Meet

We don't build houses, we create works of art.


The qualities that make up the matchless aspects of your family should be the inspiration that is built into your custom dream home.

Titan builds homes to match the lifestyle and requirements of our clients. Each home created by Titan highlights the original and individual designs that are inspired by our design experts who work tirelessly with our clients to ensure their plans and imaginings are accomplished. Because each of our clients has different goals and plans, we are skilled in asking the right questions that are important to making sure your home is an individual masterpiece. During the entire process, we work with you by providing expert advice and honest input—why? Because at Titan Homes, we always build to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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"Any home can be a castle." Titan holds true to this mantra by providing our clients incredible quality and results.

What's the point of building a home if it turns out to be nothing but a source of stress and frustration? A home should be your prime location for solace and relaxation. This can only be achieved if everything is built accurately and with the highest level of quality. There is no substitute for quality and Titan works hard to produce the highest quality homes so our clients can love the home they are in! Titan homes exude quality by implementing:

  • Top end fixtures, appliances and other build materials
  • Daily build management and quality control
  • Constant builder/client communication and feedback
  • Highest quality subcontractors available


Detail is the hallmark of any home that we design and build. Our attention to detail is second to none!

Does the house layout "flow" well? Does the lighting in the room create an inviting environment? Could the kitchen be arranged differently to improve overall functionality?

These are just a few of the many questions we will ask to make sure that the end product exceeds your expectations. Communication throughout the entire process is crucial to safeguard from mistakes, which is why we methodically communicate with our clients.

Our build team is not simply a group of conformists that build to plan regardless of how different plans may present future problems. We encourage each and every person involved throughout the build from you to our subcontractors to pay close attention to simple details, ask questions & re-ask if the outline isn't clear, and ensure that the clients home is nothing less than perfect. Here at Titan we maintain high quality by:

  • Frequent site visits and inspections of completed work
  • Plan review and revisions upon notice
  • Constant collaboration between Titan and our clients


First and foremost, we build strength. We build homes that will stand the test of time. This is the direct result of our build philosophy.

This is not achieved by any single method, material, or product. This is achieved by total build excellence. We start with the best plans possible. The plan should be unique and beautiful but most important; they should be designed with strength and quality in mind. Next, we choose the right team to meet our rigorous standards. Finally, we demand only the best materials to get the job done right. From the materials you will never see (subfloor, wiring, pluming, etc…), to the materials you use, see, and feel each and every day (carpet, paint, fixtures, appliances, and so much more). We ensure your home has nothing but the best and will last a lifetime.

A home should be your rock; a place you can depend on. A home should be the safe, comfortable, and inviting spot you can always count on when your hectic day has come to an end. A home does not just provide shelter, a place to sleep, eat, and play. A home becomes part of your family. It helps create memories and bonds your family to the community. Shouldn't such an important part of your life be built like rock?

You depend on your home for solidarity and strength; you can depend on Titan to build the home that will be the foundation of that solidarity and strength.